About the project

The “Cultural Competence Toolkit for Teachers” project is financed by the Foundation for the Development of Education System in Warsaw. It is carried out by the Board of Education in Katowice in accordance with the Comenius Regio programme. The project started in September 2013 and will finish in July 2015.
There are two partner groups in this project: Poland and the UK
Polish participants:
- Board of Education in Katowice , http://www.kuratorium.katowice.pl/
- Primary School No. 43 in Zabrze (Roma minority ) , http://sp43zabrze.pl
- Primary School No. 5 for the German Minority in Racibórz ( German minority ) , http://www.sp5-raciborz.pl/index.php/pl
- Regional Centre for Teacher Development and Pedagogical Information ” WOM ” in Rybnik http://www.wom.edu.pl
The UK participants:
- Cambridge County Council http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk
- Ridgefield Primary School in Cambridge http://ridgefieldprimary.org
- Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum www.cecf.co.uk
The aims of the project are as follows:
- to sensitize teachers and school communities to the issue of multiculturalism,
- national, ethnic, cultural and regional minorities and their functioning in the educational environment.

The project involves preparing a toolkit and a set of activities for teachers. It should help them deal with cultural diversities in the classroom. Apart from that trainings for teachers on intercultural competences will be organized both in Poland and the UK. Project participants will share examples of good practice and familiarize themselves with different types of intercultural activities in partner countries during partner visits.